Complete Kentuckey Pub Package Includes: 1Authentic Beer Barrel Keg Tap.

1Small Whiskey Ice Bucket Barrel. Rustic ice box cooler

2 Whiskey  Barrels with Marketplace Umbrella's.

1Large Wood Slab with 3 Kentucky Bourbon Barrels For Bar.

1Raw Bar Beverage Barrel with 2 large 8' Slab and 

4 Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. 

Rental Only.


Kentucky Barrel Pub Package (Rental) $399


    This is Our Complete Bar Package. Perfect for Your Backyards and Outdoor or Indoor Venues.


    Package Details:

    • (1) Beer Barrel Keg Tap (contains Co2 with insulated liner.( add the beer keg and ice)
    • (2) Whiskey Barrels with Marketplace Umbrella's.
    • (3) Whiskey Barrels with Natural Wood Slab Bar Top.
    • (1) Whiskey Barrel Ice Beverage Barrel.
    • (1) Rustic ice box cooler
    • (1) Raw Bar barrel.
    • (2) 8' Wood slab buffet tables with 4 Bourbon whiskey barrels.

    $399 package rental. Delivery R/T. Multi Day Rental Options Available.


    All Rental orders  require a signed rental agreement along with a 50% payment.   Final rental balance is due 21 days in advance of your event date.